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October 27, 2018 . 5 min read

Storecoin Uses Proof of Knowledge Quiz to Add to Team

Thriving blockchain communities are anchored by small groups of passionate supporters. Storecoin’s “Proof of Knowledge” quiz is about creating an easy way for our team to identify our most passionate followers and potential future partners.

How much do you know about Storecoin?

  • How is the Storecoin blockchain secured?
  • Which nodes receive rewards for work on the network?
  • What is the “402 status code” on the internet?
  • How many transactions per second does Storecoin plan to process at launch?

If you can answer these and roughly 60 more questions like them, the Storecoin team hopes you will try our Proof of Knowledge quiz.

Designed to identify followers with a deep interest and commitment in the Storecoin blockchain project, the Proof of Knowledge quiz(sample question above) contains questions based on the most recent iteration of our Pomelo Paper.

Storecoin Community Manager and quiz author Declan Spencer said the first indication of commitment to the project is the act of taking the time to answer the 60-plus questions, which requires reading the entire Pomelo Paper, then re-reading where necessary to find the answers.

“The questions aren’t easy, and there’s a lot of them,” Declan said. “We want to find out who engages in, enjoys and understands our project. Who’s buying in? It’s our way of doing due diligence.”

Creator and CEO Chris McCoy said Storecoin will use the quiz to build a global team of meet-up organizers, core team contributors and more. Our team will reach out to anyone who takes the quiz and scores at least 80 percent to talk about how they can get more deeply involved - and of course, to get information so we can send along a free $STORE T-shirt.

Check the website to see photos of Community members in their new tees, and see how to join by completing the Proof of Community application.

Community membership is not required in order to take the quiz. Good luck!

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