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November 20, 2018 . 5 min read

Storecoin Expands Marketing Efforts in Russia, Asia

Coinciding with the growth of its global community, the Storecoin Team has released marketing videos narrated in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Working with a partner in Singapore, Storecoin can now distribute written materials in any major language around the world and provide audio translations in Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

“Cryptocurrency is a totally global phenomenon, with the potential to reinvent how we think about borders and information flows,” said Storecoin CEO Chris McCoy. “These video translations are just one example of our commitment to building a global community, and will be the starting point of our outreach efforts in Russia and Asia.”

Storecoin is zero-fee, programmable payments infrastructure for the public internet. Coordinated by a governance of checks and balances, the $STORE token aims to become the internet’s reserve, fee-free cryptocurrency.

Storecoin is committed to building a strong community around its project, using these videos to boost interest in and knowledge of Storecoin around the world:





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